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Machine learning infrastructure for developers: build machine learning applications faster.

Cortex is an open source platform for building, deploying, and managing machine learning applications in production. It is designed for developers wanting to build services powered by machine learning without the worries of infrastructure challenges such as configuring data pipelines, continuous deployment, and workload orchestration.

Cortex is actively maintained by Cortex Labs. We're a venture-backed team of infrastructure engineers and we're hiring.

Key Features

  • End-to-end machine learning workflow: Cortex spans the machine learning workflow from feature management to model training to prediction serving.

  • Machine learning pipelines as code: Cortex applications are defined using a simple declarative syntax that enables flexibility and reusability.

  • Scalability: Cortex is designed to scale to handle production workloads.

  • Spark and TensorFlow support: Cortex supports custom Spark code for data processing and custom TensorFlow code for model training.

  • Built for the cloud: Cortex can be deployed in any AWS account in minutes.