API deployment

Once your model is exported, you've implemented a Predictor, and you've configured your API, you're ready to deploy a Batch API.

cortex deploy

The cortex deploy command collects your configuration and source code and deploys your API on your cluster:

$ cortex deploy
created image-classifier (BatchAPI)

APIs are declarative, so to update your API, you can modify your source code and/or configuration and run cortex deploy again.

After deploying a Batch API you can use cortex get <api_name> to display the Batch API endpoint, which you can use to make the following requests:

  1. Submit a batch job

  2. Get the status of a job

  3. Stop a job

You can find documentation for the Batch API endpoint here.

cortex get

The cortex get command displays the status of all of your API:

$ cortex get
env batch api running jobs latest job id last update
aws image-classifier 1 69d9c0013c2d0d97 (submitted 30s ago) 46s

cortex get <api_name>

cortex get <api_name> shows additional information about a specific Batch API and lists a summary of all currently running / recently submitted jobs.

$ cortex get image-classifier
job id status progress failed start time duration
69d9c0013c2d0d97 running 1/24 0 29 Jul 2020 14:38:01 UTC 30s
69da5b1f8cd3b2d3 completed with failures 15/16 1 29 Jul 2020 13:38:01 UTC 5m20s
69da5bc32feb6aa0 succeeded 40/40 0 29 Jul 2020 12:38:01 UTC 10m21s
69da5bd5b2f87258 succeeded 34/34 0 29 Jul 2020 11:38:01 UTC 8m54s
endpoint: http://***.amazonaws.com/image-classifier

Appending the --watch flag will re-run the cortex get command every 2 seconds.

Job commands

Once a job has been submitted to your Batch API (see here), you can use the Job ID from job submission response to get the status, stream logs, and stop a running job using the CLI.

cortex get <api_name> <job_id>

After a submitting a job, you can use the cortex get <api_name> <job_id> command to show information about the job:

$ cortex get image-classifier 69d9c0013c2d0d97
job id: 69d9c0013c2d0d97
status: running
start time: 29 Jul 2020 14:38:01 UTC
end time: -
duration: 32s
batch stats
total succeeded failed avg time per batch
24 1 0 20s
worker stats
requested running failed succeeded
2 2 0 0
job endpoint: https://***..amazonaws.com/image-classifier/69d9c0013c2d0d97

cortex logs <api_name> <job_id>

You can use cortex logs <api_name> <job_id> to stream logs from a job:

$ cortex logs image-classifier 69d9c0013c2d0d97
started enqueuing batches
partitioning 240 items found in job submission into 24 batches of size 10
completed enqueuing a total of 24 batches
spinning up workers...
2020-07-30 16:50:30.147522:cortex:pid-1:INFO:downloading the project code
2020-07-30 16:50:30.268987:cortex:pid-1:INFO:downloading the python serving image

cortex delete <api_name> <job_id>

You can use cortex delete <api_name> <job_id> to stop a running job:

$ cortex delete image-classifier 69d9c0013c2d0d97
stopped job 69d96a01ea55da8c

cortex delete

Use the cortex delete command to delete your API:

$ cortex delete my-api
deleting my-api

Additional resources

  • Tutorial provides a step-by-step walkthrough of deploying an image classification batch API

  • CLI documentation lists all CLI commands

  • Examples demonstrate how to deploy models from common ML libraries