1. Docker

  2. AWS CLI

Uninstalling Cortex

# spin down the cluster
cortex cluster down
# uninstall the CLI
sudo rm /usr/local/bin/cortex
rm -rf ~/.cortex

If you modified your bash profile, you may wish to remove source <(cortex completion bash) from it (or remove source <(cortex completion zsh) for zsh).

Cleaning up AWS

Since you may wish to have access to your data after spinning down your cluster, Cortex's bucket and log groups are not automatically deleted when running cortex cluster down.

To delete them:

# set AWS credentials
export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=***
# identify the name of your cortex S3 bucket
aws s3 ls
# delete the S3 bucket
aws s3 rb --force s3://<bucket>
# delete the log group (replace <cluster_name> with the name of your cluster, default: cortex)
aws logs describe-log-groups --log-group-name-prefix=<cluster_name> --query logGroups[*].[logGroupName] --output text | xargs -I {} aws logs delete-log-group --log-group-name {}

If you've configured a custom domain for your APIs, you may wish to remove the SSL Certificate and Hosted Zone for the domain by following these instructions.