Low-cost clusters
Here are some tips for keeping costs down when running small clusters:
  • Consider using spot instances.
  • CPUs are cheaper than GPUs, so if there is low request volume and low latency is not critical, running on CPU instances will be more cost effective.
  • If traffic is low and you have multiple models, you may be able to save cost by serving all of your models from a single API, rather than using a separate API per model. This can be especially useful for GPU-based models. See our guide for multi-model endpoints.
  • If you need to have your cluster scale down to 0 API instances (the Cortex operator instance cannot be terminated), you must have min_instances set to 0 for your cluster, and no APIs can be running. Use cortex get to list your APIs, and cortex delete <api_name> to delete each one. After ~10 minutes, your cluster should scale down to 0 API instances.
  • By default, Cortex performs rolling updates on APIs, which means that during an update, additional instances may be required. If downtime during an update is acceptable, you can disable rolling updates. See here for instructions.
Last modified 10mo ago
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