Install CLI on Windows

This guide walks you through installing the Cortex CLI on a Windows 10 machine using the Linux Subsystem.

The requirement is an x64 system with Windows 10 of Version 1903 or higher, with Build 18362 or higher.

Step 1

Install and configure the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) version 2 on your machine following this installation guide.

In our example, we assume the installation of the Ubuntu distribution.

Step 2

Install and configure the Docker Desktop Engine app to use WSL 2 as its backend by following the setps in the Docker Desktop WSL 2 backend guide.

Step 3

Run Ubuntu in the terminal on your Windows machine and right-click the window's bar and click on Properties:


In the Font category, set the font to one of the following fonts: SimSun-ExtB (recommended), MS Gothic, or NSimSun. Choosing one of these fonts helps render all Unicode characters correctly. Once selected, click Okay.


Step 4

Within the Ubuntu terminal, install the Cortex CLI as you would on a Mac/Linux machine:

Install the CLI with Python Client

pip install cortex

Install the CLI without Python Client

# Replace `INSERT_CORTEX_VERSION` with the complete CLI version (e.g. 0.18.1):
$ bash -c "$(curl -sS"
# For example to download CLI version 0.18.1 (Note the "v"):
$ bash -c "$(curl -sS"

Step 5

Start using the Cortex CLI. The CLI commands are documented here.