Traffic Splitter

The Traffic Splitter feature allows you to split traffic between multiple Realtime APIs on your Cortex Cluster. This can be useful for A/B testing models in production.

After deploying Realtime APIs, you can deploy an Traffic Splitter to provide a single endpoint that can route a request randomly to one of the target Realtime APIs. Weights can be assigned to Realtime APIs to control the percentage of requests routed to each API.

Traffic Splitters are only supported on a Cortex cluster (in AWS).

Traffic Splitter Configuration

Traffic Splitter expects the target Realtime APIs to already be running or be included in the same configuration file as the Traffic Splitter. The traffic is routed according to the specified weights. The weights assigned to all Realtime APIs must to sum to 100.

- name: <string> # Traffic Splitter name (required)
kind: TrafficSplitter # must be "TrafficSplitter", create an Traffic Splitter which routes traffic to multiple Realtime APIs
endpoint: <string> # the endpoint for the Traffic Splitter (default: <api_name>)
api_gateway: public | none # whether to create a public API Gateway endpoint for this API (if not, the API will still be accessible via the load balancer) (default: public, unless disabled cluster-wide)
apis: # list of Realtime APIs to target
- name: <string> # name of a Realtime API that is already running or is included in the same configuration file (required)
weight: <int> # percentage of traffic to route to the Realtime API (all weights must sum to 100) (required)

cortex deploy

The cortex deploy command is used to deploy an Traffic Splitter.

$ cortex deploy
created traffic-splitter (TrafficSplitter)

Traffic Splitters are declarative, so to update your Traffic Splitter, you can modify the configuration and re-run cortex deploy.

cortex get

The cortex get command displays the status of your Realtime APIs and Traffic Splitters, and cortex get <api_name> shows additional information about a specific Traffic Splitter.

$ cortex get traffic-splitter
apis weights status requested last update avg request 2XX 5XX
another-my-api 80 live 1 5m - - -
my-api 20 live 1 6m - - -
last updated: 4m
endpoint: https://******
example curl: curl https://****** -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d @sample.json

Making a prediction

You can use curl to test your Traffic Splitter. This will distribute the requests across the Realtime APIs targeted by the Traffic Splitter:

$ curl http://*** \
-X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"key": "value"}'

cortex delete

Use cortex delete <api_name> to delete your Traffic Splitter:

$ cortex delete traffic-splitter
deleted traffic-splitter

Note that this will not delete the Realtime APIs targeted by the Traffic Splitter.

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