The cortex get and cortex get API_NAME commands display the request time (averaged over the past 2 weeks) and response code counts (summed over the past 2 weeks) for your APIs:

$ cortex get
env api status up-to-date requested last update avg request 2XX
aws iris-classifier live 1 1 17m 24ms 1223
aws text-generator live 1 1 8m 180ms 433
aws image-classifier-resnet50 live 2 2 1h 32ms 1121126

The cortex get API_NAME command also provides a link to a CloudWatch Metrics dashboard containing this information:


responses per minute

Shows the number of 2XX, 4XX, and 5XX responses per minute.

median response time

Shows the median response time for requests, over 1-minute periods (measured in milliseconds).

p99 response time

Shows the p99 response time for requests, over 1-minute periods (measured in milliseconds).

total in-flight requests

Shows the total number of in-flight requests.

See metric intervals.

avg in-flight requests per replica

Shows the average number of in-flight requests per replica.

See metric intervals.

active replicas

Shows the number of active replicas.

See metric intervals.

Metric intervals

The referenced widget is aggregated over 10 second intervals because each replica reports its in-flight requests once per 10 seconds. This plot is only available for the last 3 hours (because second-granular data is aggregated to minute-granular data after 3 hours). To plot data older than 3 hours, instead change the period to 1 minute, and divide the y-axis by 6 to (since the metrics are reported every 10 seconds).*